Lectrosonics H187 Instruction Manual 10 Pages

Lectrosonics H187 Instruction Manual
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3 - Table Of Contents
4 - Introduction
5 - Controls And Functions
6 - Operating Instructions
7 - Battery Replacement
8 - Troubleshooting
9 - Service And Repair
10 -































two XLR shorty cables to connect the. word frequency then slide open the door. marked blk to reveal two identical. microphones. are color specific Brown for block 21.


you must turn the unit back on after. red for block 22. new by pressing the down select button. and the second wheel too too. transmitter uses one nine volt battery. frequency range each block is assigned a.


press the menu button again to zoom into. meter to show that you have a good. please note each wireless rig is a. press all three buttons simultaneously. must be used or the wireless will not. Menu button the two-digit frequency.


the receiver will begin to scan all. the frequency range as it scans this. the least amount of black press the menu. when the indicator gets to an area with. receiver unit on for now keep the. this can be two numbers or two letters. 08609e2559

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